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New Year, New Goals

The sky is cold and gray. Snow sitting on roofs, freezing rain turning roads into icy rivers I dare not drive. I’m sitting at my desk in a fuzzy onesie, typing slowly, trying to figure out a way to make … Continue reading

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Graduation and Candy

It’s hard to write about graduation from college and moving on to the next season of life without littering the page with trite sentiments and clichéd expressions. See? I’ve already failed. If you speak Christianese, you’ve probably heard people talking … Continue reading

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Obligatory Autumn

It just wouldn’t be fall without baggy knitted hipster sweaters, scarves and boots, orange-and-black Halloween décor, selfies in the leaves, pumpkin spice everything. Or would it? I guess it makes sense to respond to cooler weather with cozy clothes and … Continue reading

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Pop Songs Love to Love

Whenever I listen to a top-40 pop station, I’m shocked at the lack of originality in subject matter within the songs. Pretty much every song I hear focuses on romantic love, usually described in terms of a very limited cluster … Continue reading

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Sunday Burr Picking

On Sunday mornings at church, instead of paying attention to the words of the worship songs, I’m usually busy picking the burrs off my brain. All week, little burrs of anxiety and guilt get stuck to the back of my … Continue reading

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“I caught a fish!” I yelled in my high-pitched four-year-old voice. The bottom of the orange inflatable Zodiac crunched against the gravelly lakeshore. Grandpa cut the motor, then helped me and Grandma out of the boat. I ran to my … Continue reading

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Academic Triage

Being a college student is like being a doctor; my papers and projects are my patients. For the first two months of the semester, Study Land is generally peaceful. I’m able to focus a decent amount of effort on each … Continue reading

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