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How to Write When You Don’t Wanna

The biggest danger to a writer’s productivity isn’t writer’s block. It’s an attitude of “I don’t wanna.” Sometimes writers (especially nonprofessional ones like me) just don’t feel like writing. Our muse is missing. Inspiration is absent. Our brains sneeze at … Continue reading

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Breaking for Books

A couple months ago, I wrote about several “turn-off” elements that made me bail on the books in which they appeared. Now it’s time to talk about the opposite: the features that made me break for some of my favorite … Continue reading

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I’m a Bad Writer

When it comes to stringing words together to make coherent, grammatically correct sentences, I’m good. When it comes to arranging sentences into paragraphs, and paragraphs into stories or essays, I’m decent. But when it comes to the self-discipline all good … Continue reading

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Bailing on Books

Well, summer reading season is officially over. (Hello, rain clouds.) And if I didn’t fully acknowledge it before, I definitely know it now: I’m a picky reader. Maybe I shouldn’t be. I’d probably learn a lot if I were to … Continue reading

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Making Mashups

Whenever I write something—be it an essay, a blog post, or a fictional story—the final product is essentially a mashup of a hundred disparate elements, filtered and fitted together in a unique way by my brain. From sentence structure to … Continue reading

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Christian YA Fantasy: Glossing over Grays

Ever since middle school when I first cracked open a Tolkien novel, I’ve been a fan of faith-infused speculative fiction—especially fantasy. (Hi, I’m Mackenzie, and I’m a geek.) Over the years, I’ve read numerous modern Christian YA fantasy books and … Continue reading

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Snapshot of an English Major in Five Memes

In case you didn’t know, I’m an English major. I’m a major English lover. I’m a majorly introverted lover of books, writing, and enormous cups of tea. Life as an English major is wonderfully worded and quite satisfying. Most of … Continue reading

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